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city approval is a streetwear brand based out of los angeles, california. our brand takes inspiration from japanese street culture, along with los angeles lifestyle.

has a coaches jacket ever been considered? i've been needing one for too long and i'm willing to get one if you guys make it, regardless of design tbh

we made them a couple seasons ago, and we just might be making a new one for fall..

What date are you guys gonna release your fall apparel?

still no date, but mid-october looks solid

When are you guys going to restock on the Akuma Shirt?

all shirts from summer are out of stock and will not be restocked, there’s a small chance a couple might come back for fall but don’t get your hopes up

would you guys every restock on the demons know their own shirt? Love what you guys do :3

right now we’re designing fall, so most shirts (including demons) from this last season won’t be coming back

Your clothes feel so fucking great, man. Never stop.

dope shit, thank you

Would you guys ever make track suits ? That would be cool!

haven’t really thought too much about track suits, but we’ll keep it in mind haha

im sort of new to this brand but i really like your style. so uhm has a date been set for your fall release?

thank you homie, we’re shooting for mid october! no date yet