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city approval is a streetwear brand based out of los angeles, california. our brand takes inspiration from japanese street culture, along with los angeles lifestyle.

Hey I wanted to know how long shipping normally takes. I ordered a shirt on the 18th, and have only received an order receipt. Do you guys send out emails confirming that a product has been shipped?

processing usually takes up to a week, your order should be going out very soon if it has not already. you will receive an email once your package is shipped along with a tracking number (domestic only).


have been chosen using random drawing. The winners are -

The winners will be contacted shortly for their requested sizes and addresses. Thank you to all who participated. If you were not selected, better luck next time. More contests will be held in the near future.

Don’t sleep,
City Approval

any plans for 5panels?

we thought about it a year ago, that’s about it

when are we gonna hear more about that TV collab? and why are you guys even doing it? seems like a completely different brand? not hatin just real curious

collab is set for a fall release, you’ll learn more as it comes closer.. 

the guys from thirdvision hit us up and wanted to visit our warehouse/meet the team, once they did we realized we had similar views, mindsets, goals, and ideas for the current and future state of streetwear, which lead to us designing a piece together

Does more reblogs = more opportunity for winning *-* bcas ily guys

yes, you may enter more than once

How long does it take to ship to New York?

order processing can take up to a week, once shipped it should arrive within three days

does the number of reblogs for the giveaway affect our chances? like are we allowed to reblog more than once

yes, you may reblog the post more than once

Just so you know I'm always the guy waiting on the site a good half hour before the drop. Praying I can get another shirt from you guys!

that’s dedication, thank you homie

good luck!