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city approval is a streetwear brand based out of los angeles, california. our brand takes inspiration from japanese street culture, along with los angeles lifestyle.

How do I work for you guys is it possible that one day I could ?

any chance the red shinigami blur beanie is going to restock? ><

the last restock of summer just passed, but the beanies could be included in our fall collection

Is it possible that you guys will do another jersey design sometime in the future? I didn't get the chance to cop the shinigami jersey, but from what I heard y'all make good jerseys!

we still like the aesthetic of jerseys, and there is a possibility of a new one releasing in the future

don’t sleep

Hi, I ordered my items on august 8th during the restock and i still haven't received an email on any shipping or anything. Do you think my items would arrive in about a week? I'm leaving for college and was hoping i could get it before.

some orders have gone out already, the rest will be going out tomorrow and the day after, if you are in the U.S. you should get by monday the 18th at the latest, tracking will be provided for domestic orders

do your shinigami shirts fit true to size?

yes, they should fit correctly, not larger or smaller

Just out of curiosity, why is it this you final run on the Shinigami Black Jerseys? Its a very popular item from what I could tell(hell, I was lucky enough to get one before it sold out during March).

we strongly believe in progression and don’t sit well with the idea of producing the same product over multiple seasons regardless of it’s success

Hi I order from montreal and I received a mail July 31st saying that my order has been shipped... Do you know when I'll actually get my order? It has been 9 days already

you should have received it by now, if not, e-mail

im really bummed out that your small black shinigami jersey is sold out already, do you think you will restock on the white one any time soon?

white and black are now out of production indefinitely

how did u guys come up with cityapproval?

as for the idea, we all had similar tastes and ideas and found a way to utilize them through clothing

as far as the name, that’s a long story